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Webinar Software Solution - Host Webinars That Are Integrated With Social Media

A webinar is simply a combination of the words seminar and web, It is an online or virtual seminar! As you may guess, webinar software actually is any software package that allows you to conduct online virtual conferences, hold meetings and interviews, or broadcast live presentations and lectures. Webinars are now seen as an excellent way to share information with your prospects and other interested parties. By offering them the ability to view and/or listen to your webinar, you become their "virtual host" and are able to put in front of your audience, present your business opportunity, answer any questions, and close sales.

Webinar Software

Webinar Software Solution

A webinar software solution comes with a wide variety of add-on tools that you can use to make the most out of your presentations and interviews. These include things like Facebook integration, click-click, and PowerPoint sharing. You will be able to control your presentations with these additional tools, and even better, you may also be able to add your own Facebook plugins and applications to maximize your exposure and brand recognition. This is essentially what you do when you use a webinar software package like GoogleTalk (also known as GoToMeeting). With these powerful tools, you can get the most from your presentation and still maintain complete control of who sees your webinars and who doesn't.

The Features You Need In Webinar Software

Let's talk about the most important features of your webinar software. One of the most important features is Live Analytics. This is how the majority of webinar software providers actually build and track all of their statistics, and it is one of the most important for the reason that "the more, the better". This means that when you have a webinar, it needs to be packed with lots of information, but it must not overwhelm those who are attending. If there are things that go over and above the call for attention in the particular presentation that you've created, then you should have a number of these so that you can get a feel for how well your attendees understood the information that you were trying to convey. Live analytics, by definition, gives you the ability to track this.

Another key feature of the best webinar software out there is Video Conferencing. This allows you to bring together those who are at your conference venue or site, and who may be in different parts of the world, as close as their laptops or cell phones. This is the way that you are going to be able to carry on video conferencing without having to make everyone show up at once, and that is something that many companies and individuals are very hesitant to do. By using Video Conferencing, you can virtually meet and greet those people that are attending your event and interacting with them. It also gives you the ability to present to a larger audience and to expand the message that you are trying to convey.

Live Chart With Webinar Software

Live chat has become very common amongst webinar software providers. However, this is not a feature that all services offer. Therefore, when looking for a provider, you need to make sure that they offer this feature, as it's a great way to keep your attendees informed. Live chat allows you to have a conversation with your attendees without having to physically be there in front of them. They can chat away, as long as they have internet access and a video camera, and you can view their comments and responses to what you are saying in real-time.

Of course, just because you are using a webinar software package, it doesn't mean that you don't need to keep the overall tone of your seminar consistent with what your goal is for your audience. After all, we often hear that most people attend a seminar because they want to learn more about a certain subject. You should strive to make your presentations and discussions reflect this theme. Even if your audience is composed mostly of technical professionals, you still need to have some basic familiarity with the terminology and concepts used by those who are attending your webinar.

Multiple Presenters

It's also a great choice to host webinars with multiple presenters. This will allow your audience to move at their own pace. The same presentation may be viewed by a different group of people each day if necessary. If you are going to host webinars with multiple presenters, you may even consider providing VoIP calling between the presenters. This allows your audience to join in on your presentations via their cell phones, regardless of whether they are physically attending your seminar or not.


Social media is also a factor to keep in mind when planning your webinar conferences. If you are planning a webinar on a topic that affects a large number of people, you may find yourself having to frequent your social media accounts to respond to messages and suggestions from your attendees. It can be challenging to go about conducting business while simultaneously maintaining a good reputation on all of your social media accounts. It can also be difficult to keep up the momentum once you've built up a solid social media following. In these situations, webinar software packages that integrate with social media platforms are a great option to keep all of your leads and communications moving toward your goals and objectives.




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