Random Numbers in Gambling - Why They Are Very Important

A jack, a king, does the ball stay on black or red, do three reel symbols land on a payline, does the bank or the punchers win? All of these events are unpredictable in a real casino and are therefore completely random. But how is chance created on a computer that is actually expected not to leave anything to chance and to produce reliable results?

Online casinos must be able to rely on highly complex algorithms in order to be able to offer a gaming experience that is as realistic as possible - just like in a real casino. What are random number generators and why do they significantly influence your gaming experience? Read on this post and watch Online Casino Reviews and find out!

What are random number generators?

These generators are software programs that generate random numbers in online gambling. Beyond gambling, random numbers play an essential role in encryption, banking, the generation of passwords or in video games. They always occur in the background and are tapped by the respective programs. This means that the random numbers are continuously produced and requested by the respective software at the appropriate moment.

What are random numbers used in the online casino?

The simplest answer is: anywhere! In slot machines, the random numbers are used to determine the initial position of the reels and then, depending on the slot, a random point in time when the reels stop.

Even with the well-known double / risk feature, chance must of course help out so that there is a 50% chance of a double win. In blackjack, random numbers determine the position of the cards in the deck, i.e. In the computer, each card is assigned a fixed number (e.g. the ace the 0) and a position (between 0-51, for a 52 card deck). With the help of random numbers, the positions for all 52 cards are assigned uniquely, so they are virtually shuffled. In roulette, the random numbers determine how fast and how long the ball moves over the rotating disk.

Why should i know?

Most of the purely software-based generators do not generate true random numbers. Although they come very close to these, they are based on an algorithm which, should this become known, enables the “random” numbers to be predicted and reproduced.

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