No Deposit Bonus: The best casino no deposit bonuses in 2021

With the no deposit bonus, the online casinos have made a real dream come true for the players. The term comes from English and can be described in German as a casino bonus without a deposit . So it is clear what is being offered to you. You can get started with a bonus balance without making your own deposit into the player account. So your risk is zero. However, so that the bonus is really worth a lot, the bonus money should be payable in the further course .

Before using such a deal, you should therefore check several aspects . In particular, the bonus conditions play a major role. We'll show you everything you need to know about no deposit bonuses and where a no deposit bonus is waiting for you below.

Who is the no deposit bonus suitable for?

A no deposit bonus is suitable for different groups of people. Both beginners and new customers can look forward to and benefit from a no deposit bonus. But even loyal customers can look forward to a no deposit bonus from time to time. There are such actions, for example, when there is a VIP program. If regular customers advance, there may be a no deposit bonus as a reward . The no deposit bonus is of course not as high as a deposit bonus. Still, it is a good option to have a little more money to play with. So you shouldn't do without it if there is already a no deposit bonus available.

If you receive a no deposit bonus, you play completely risk-free and without obligation. You don't need to use your own money if you want to win a profit. But you always have to pay attention to the bonus conditions. What are the wagering requirements? How long do you have to meet the wagering requirements? If the bonus conditions are fair and pleasant , you can take advantage of it . As a beginner or new customer, you should not miss the chance if an online casino is already offering you a no deposit bonus.

Why do casinos give a no deposit bonus?

A valid question. After all, at first glance, online casinos have no advantages if their customers can play without real money. Of course, the casinos also have a small ulterior motive for these offers. The market and with it the competition are enormous . Countless providers vie for the customers' favor. A classic online casino bonus has meanwhile established itself as the standard on the market. Convincing customers with this is much more difficult than it was a few years ago. With a no deposit bonus, however, the players can still be thrilled. The casinos therefore hope to first draw the players' attention with the no deposit bonuses and then to be able to hold them for the long term with their own portfolio. In the best case scenario, it is a win-win situation for both sides.

Bonus in no deposit casinos: who gets it?

In the no deposit casinos, the bonus offers are not limited to a specific group of customers. The bonus offers differ, however. Likewise the area of ​​application. We have listed here how new or existing customers can receive a casino bonus without a deposit .

No deposit bonus for new customers

New customers benefit particularly often from a no deposit bonus in online casinos. The offer is usually activated when the account is opened . As soon as the registration has been completed, the game credit on the account is available for use. However, it may also be that, for example, a special bonus code is required or the support has to activate the bonus first. In the case of a no deposit casino bonus for new customers, a distinction is usually made between regular bonus credit and free spins. We will clarify what the differences are in the further course.

No deposit bonus for existing customers

Existing customers can also grab an online casino bonus without a deposit from many providers. The activation is then a little different than with new customers. The bonuses are provided, for example, in the form of weekly offers . At the start of the weekend, a small bonus amount will then be transferred to the account of existing customers. In addition, loyalty programs or competitions with other players often ensure that bonus offers can be used in the no deposit casinos.