Install YouTube Vanced APK on Android Device - How To Use?

YouTube Vanced (also known as "Vanced Social") is a very popular modified version of YouTube for Windows Mobile. It adds quite a few great features to the normal official YouTube application, such as built-in ad blocking, full-screen mode, background playback, and more. This application is easy to install and works perfectly on Windows Mobile SGH settings. On this page, you will find installation instructions and download links for rooted devices. Enjoy!

Installation Of YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced APK

Before attempting to use YouTube Vanced, you will need to unlock your device if it's not already unlocked. This task is usually achieved by performing a factory reset. To do this, simply hold down the Home key then touch the Settings app on your phone. Once you have done so, touch the Download tab then touch Find and Install Apps. This will bring up a list of programs then let you select YouTube Vanced and confirm that you want to Install. Or You can click on YouTube Vanced to download directly.

After you have done this, you should see an option for Install/Uninstall apps then click on it. This will bring up a window asking if you want to allow the mobile YouTube to run in Background mode. You'll find that there is an option for enabling or disabling the YouTube Vanced program but if you choose not to enable it, the non-root YouTube app will still work as normal.

How To Use YouTube Vanced?

To use YouTube Vanced on your rooted Android device, you should use the Advanced Version of this program. The regular version is only available for users who have purchased the official app. The Advanced version comes with a variety of neat features that make it easier to upload and watch videos on your phone. First off, the Advanced version allows you to directly download any video from YouTube directly to your device. This means that you can go directly to any video instead of having to figure out how to get to it on your computer.

Another great feature of the Vanced manager is that it gives you the ability to set up sub-applications that will allow you to access YouTube in other apps. For example, if you installed the Google Now app on your smartphone, you can use the YouTube app as a sub-application so that you can access the YouTube videos from other applications like maps, everyone, and others. To do this, all you have to do is tap install sub-applications in the android task manager then go to maps and tap on Add Sub-App. You'll be asked to install the YouTube Vied app.

When it comes to video playback, the features provided by the advanced app are nothing short of impressive. If you take a video with your Samsung S4 or other device and then use YouTube on your PC, the quality settings will often leave a lot to be desired. To rectify this issue, you should use the Google Android app. You can easily adjust the quality settings to make sure that everything looks sharp and crisp. To improve the brightness and contrast, you can simply use the built-in screen brightness and contrast options. You can also tweak various other aspects such as the width and height of the playback window and the maximum resolution that YouTube allows.

YouTube Vanced - Rooted And Non-Rooted 

The official app has been modified by the developers to provide a unique application. Even if you have the vaunted rooted android device, you can still install the YouTube Vanced APK. All you need to do is install the Google Android app and you'll be able to browse and search videos from YouTube. When you tap the icon, you'll be taken to the YouTube home page. You can also use the Google app under the same window for this purpose.

Finally, it's now possible to install YouTube Vanced non-root variant. After you install the official Google Android app on your device, you'll find it installed and ready to use. However, if you're looking to use YouTube on a rooted device, you'll have to resort to using one of the many third-party alternatives. There are several different programs out there that will allow you to easily install the Google YouTube Vanced non-root variant.

Get YouTube Vanced App to enjoy ad-free videos on your Android device. You can also enjoy the app on your desktop via emulator.