Facebook accounts are a new, but already quite popular form of earning

Facebook is a social network founded in February 2004.  Facebook's idea was to provide an online face book for university students so they could communicate and share information. Initially, it was a social network for Harvard and expanded to any university in later years.  Over time, it has become a social network for everyone, anywhere in the world.

 Increasingly, ads appear on the Internet and social networks (most often on Facebook) with offers to buy an account of real users.  In fact, customers are asking to sell access to a personal account and act on the Internet on behalf of a real user.  You can buy a Facebook account for various purposes, most often it is advertising.


 Where to buy facebook accounts


 There is not much information about the sale of Facebook accounts on the web. Some comments on websites say it's legal.  Purchased accounts are considered the safest and most optimal for working with Facebook. They inspire more confidence and are safer to work with.

 There are several ways to buy:

  1. Search for accounts on Facebook and other social networks.
  2. Search for profiles on freelance exchanges.
  3. Buying accounts in specialized online stores.

 You can also ask your relatives, friends or acquaintances to sell your account.  This method is the most common and safe.

 Facebook is more than just a social networking platform - it's also a business where you can make good money.


 Which accounts are in demand for sale


 In order to sell a profile, you must have:

  • more than 100 friends;
  • comments and posts;
  • registration for at least a year.

 Outdated Facebook accounts are in high demand.  This is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell products and services with other Facebook members.

 Billions of people around the world use Facebook every day to create and develop communities, personal interactions and income.  There are many ways to use a social network that can benefit individuals, community groups, and companies.  Buy Facebook accounts is a advantageous and profitable activity.