The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: Preview Desura Online Game

A quick replenishment is expected in the shelf of free-play MMOs from the world's largest publishers. Desura Online Games joins the race with the online project The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. No, this is not another MOBA, which has recently been divorced for every taste and color: behind the original (albeit somewhat cumbersome) name is an equally extraordinary idea. For once, Desura decided to come up with something new. However, in reality, the "new", as it should be, turned out to be a well-forgotten old, more precisely, a mixture of already familiar genres: "diabolike" action-RPG and strategies in the spirit of Dungeon Keeper, with small elements of casual strategies for social networks.

You can see what came of it with your own eyes - if you are lucky enough to get the key for closed beta testing, of course. Well, for those who are not so lucky, we have prepared a preview - even though it is still far from the release, you can tell something now.

In the magical world, where majestic castle islands soar among the clouds, there is the kingdom of Opulentia - the home of brave heroes and rich people who cherish every penny. Each castle has its own owner; such is the kingdom without a king - or, conversely, a country where everyone is his own king and lord. The owners of aerial strongholds cannot stand competition and are ready to do anything in order to annoy their neighbor, who will not fail to respond in kind. There is no better occupation than to plunder someone's castle in the morning, killing the monsters guarding the wealth of their master. True, upon returning home, you can find traces of uninvited guests who managed to endure everything of value, and even wrote something offensive on the wall.

The player will have to play the role of one of these self-kings. The ruler of the heavenly fortress has enough business - Mighty Quest can be roughly divided into two halves: most of the time is occupied by active raids on the possessions of neighbors, much less will have to be devoted to arranging your own castle.

In the first case, we have before us a classic action-RPG served in small portions - the process of clearing the enemy in chorus takes at least three to four minutes. However, nothing prevents you from attacking other people's possessions over and over again, being distracted only by selling unnecessary "loot". Everything here is simple and clear - for those who are already familiar with such "diabloids", it will not be difficult to understand what is happening. But, of course, not without nuances: we are still not a pure representative of this genre.

There are only three heroes available for the selection of excess wealth from competitors - a magician, a warrior and an archer. Not enough, but I think that over time, the developers will increase the number of classes, as well as the number of skills for each hero - so far there are only a dozen of them for each. You will not particularly roam, especially since only four skills are available in battle, and you will not be able to change them on the go - in order to take a new set, you need to complete the battle.

Another victory. You can write to the owner of the castle that he is a noob and does not understand anything about defense planning. I think he will be pleased to receive an authoritative opinion.

Of course, this leaves a certain imprint on the style of passing various castles - often the outcome of the next raid depends only on whether you can guess with the choice of skills for the upcoming assault. If you are unlucky, you will have to return with nothing: if the hero dies, there is an opportunity to resurrect for a moderate fee in the same place, but even if you get to it, you will not be able to rob the treasury - only "loot" and experience are in the black. Didn't manage to clear the castle in the allotted time - again a loss, again it is impossible to empty the chests filled with coins, again the enemy gets prestige points ("crowns"), and our hero loses these points, falling lower in the general rating of the inhabitants of Opulence. 

For dessert - the opportunity to leave a comment to the owner of the fortress that could not withstand the pressure. I don't think it's worth explaining what opportunities this feature has for trolling.

But for now, even if we make allowances for the fact that we are only facing a closed beta test, forays into other people's possessions look somewhat monotonous, especially at the initial levels. It is not difficult to pass the castles, there are few heroes and spells, items of equipment falling from killed monsters and available for purchase in the store do not differ much from each other, as long as there are no sets and "sets" of equipment.

“We built and built ...” Everything here is similar to “social games” - even if you don't play, you have to go in a couple of times a day to collect the extracted resources and distribute workers to new facilities.

Houses and walls help The good acquired by dishonest labor must be spent somewhere. We bought a new thing for the hero, a healing potion, but the money was left - even if the house was built. And we will build!

Every self-respecting resident of Opulence is simply obliged to have his own castle, where you can calmly relax on the throne among countless riches, surrounded by loyal servants and vigilant guards, solving a difficult problem: which of the neighbors to attack next time?

Our fortress, like the heroes, grows in level - for this it is necessary to invest resources in its development. Actually, the main part of the costs will be exactly the construction costs, and not the replenishment of the heroes' wardrobe. "Pumping" the castle takes time, and by the middle of development - very, very rather big. Of course, you can speed up the wait, but, of course, not for free, and you can't do it with domestic currency: you have to fork out for real. Micropayments, where is it now without them?

The fortress itself consists of several rooms, and the choice of the necessary premises and their location relative to each other is completely in the hands of the player. There are several dozen pieces of this designer, you can create your own unique mansions, but you should not be guided by a design idea alone. Do not forget - our castle will definitely be tested for strength by the heroes eager for easy prey, therefore, the planning should be done with the expectation that the enemy could not achieve the desired goal.

Without security, any castle is nothing. Having spent a certain amount of resources, you can summon under your banners many different creatures - from almost harmless skeletons to huge "bosses" that will stand up to defend the treasury. Minions are also "pumped", and some of them are even allowed to give instructions on how to behave in the event of a meeting with the enemy. Such is the indirect control.

Placing "units" on the map resembles a kind of Tower Defense, only we are not attacked by waves of enemies, but by a single robber, and this does not happen in real time. It is necessary to anticipate the actions of the enemy in advance, choosing the composition of your small army so that he does not have a chance. Yes, and do not forget about traps - by themselves they will not cause any noticeable damage, but together with monsters they can deliver a lot of unpleasant seconds to a gaping thief.

It will not work to recruit the strongest of the available "units" and place them at the very entrance so that the enemy hero could not step even a step. Here, each minion costs a certain amount of defense points and creates a "placement radius" around itself, inside which there can be as many monsters as you like, but their defense points in total must not exceed a certain limit. There is a general limit for the entire castle - for the rich to "spam" with armies of cheap, but numerous servants. They may not kill, but they will delay for a long time, and the time for robbery is limited - this is also worth remembering both when attacking and when planning a defense.

Each committed raid is recorded in a special journal with the ability to view the recording of the battle. The most useful thing for further strengthening the defense and learning the tactics of the enemy in the attack.

In general, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot still leaves a good impression, if you know that this is only beta testing. But by the time the game gets to release, the developers need to work hard on their creation - the overall concept and mechanics require regular debugging and balance adjustments. But with an assortment of heroes, skills, equipment and various tactics - that is, with all the components of the success of any ARPG - it is still a problem. Do not forget about the castle defense mode: here we would like the same - variety. So far, due to a small choice, the game in all its guises is too simple. However, for some, this is not a drawback at all, and the visual style and setting of MQFEL are frivolous, with a bit of humor and self-irony. Maybe you shouldn't demand hardcore from such an MMO?