- Changing Your Router's Default Gateway IP Address

The last thing you want to do when trying to set up your wireless router IP Address or access point is to choose a common username and password. Some people don't realize that if they have this information it can be used to access their networks and accounts. Remember, if you choose a weak or common username and password or IP Address someone could hijack your internet connection and use it for malicious purposes. You need to make sure that you change these values at your router IP Address or access point before you connect to the internet or use any of your networks.

What You Need To Do -

First, on your computer, go to the control panel & go to user settings (found in the start menu at the bottom of the screen). Here you will find your computer's current network setting. If you see the IP Address as shown in the IP Address field, this means that your router has been set up to take only the given settings. To change the settings on your wireless router, click the "wireless connect" icon from the main menu. Here you will need to enter the IP address that is of the network you are trying to access which is IP Address. Normally, you would just type the IP address as it is displayed in the browser. If you go to link, you will find out more about your wireless router questions.

Change Password -

  1. If you want to change the password, select the "change password" option from the main menu. Again, normally you would just enter the new password. Either way, you will need to restart your computer to complete the changes. Now, we'll try to use an internet browser so that we can get the most out of resetting our network settings.
  2. Navigate to the network settings page. This usually displays the wireless router's details or your IP Address. You will see a value called SSID which corresponds to the unique name of your modem. The value you see may be different if your modem is configured for more than one wireless network.
  3. To change the password, click on the "Change password" link and enter the new username. Enter the new password and save it. Next, you can test your internet connection by clicking on the test button on the status bar of your wireless router. If you see a successfully set up connection, then you have successfully reset your modem and you can go online.

Change Administrator -

The next step is to find the option for changing your administrator panel. On the administrative panel, you will see the standard user names for each user, like" Administrators" and "Online". Normally, you would not change your username unless you specifically want to. Therefore, this is not a necessary step in the actual process of resetting your modem.

In the standard user names list, you will see "root" which is the name of the user that is currently logging into the wireless router. Therefore, you should change your username to something random so you won't be easily spotted when trying to access the internet. The "inetpub" setting in the "Network Settings" area of the modem's administrative panel will be what your PC uses to connect to the internet. Changing this setting to the IP Address of your PC will allow you to log onto the internet.

The last step is to enter the IP Address of your computer into the IP address box of the web page that you were able to get to before. By clicking the "Submit" or "OK" button, you will be taken back to the web page where you started the process. By selecting "Reload", you will be able to log back onto your PC and use the default gateway IP Address again. 


Changing the default gateway IP Address by yourself is not recommended because it is very easy to accidentally reset your modem back to the main page.